SEAFWA 2018 has ended
The following schedule is from the 72nd Annual Conference of the Southeastern Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies which was held October 21-24, 2018 in Mobile, Alabama. 

The Annual Conference schedule is hosted in SCHED which allows you to search within the schedule, and filter to show items only occurring on a certain date or within a track. 

To view only a certain type of presentation, locate the heading "Filter By Type." As an example, click on the type "Fisheries 1 Track" to view only the technical presentations with the Fisheries 1 Track.

Hover over the button that says "Schedule" to see the different view options. The "Expanded" option will show start and end times, room location, and session description, if there is one. If you select "Grid" you'll see a grid view of the schedule. If you select "Simple" you'll see a less detailed version of the Expanded view (note: this is the default view).

You can build your own agenda by creating a free account with SCHED by selecting "SIGN UP." Watch the "how-to" video to learn more about using Sched: https://seafwa2018.sched.com/help

PLEASE NOTE: Adding agenda items to your schedule through this app does not sign you up for a session. If an agenda item says "pre-registration required" or charges an additional fee, you need to add the item to your registration through the online registration system. www.seafwa.org/conference/registration

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